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The interactive map allows you to see locations and their positions relative to one another. Optionally, you can view the map as a satellite image as well as change the zoom level and pan to new areas.


Welcome to PhotoAtlas, a virtual tour of places you know, places you’ve seen or places you’ve read and heard about.

Let the map be your guide to photos and stories of the past and present. Select a street or a tour and click on a marker. Once you click, a photo and description will appear, offering a glimpse of that site from a different perspective—sometimes historical, sometimes current but always interesting.

There may be multiple photos for the location spanning a period of time. And you may even find more information about that location, a personal story, architectural history, or local history that revolves around a specific date.

You’ll find PhotoAtlas easy to use as it relies on navigational tools you already know from using a web browser. So get ready to take a tour with PhotoAtlas. You’re sure to have a good trip.

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